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U16 athletes are challenged by their coaches and teammates at every practice. While every practice works on core skills, we add in new concepts of game structure along with new skills which include working the ball in 3D and 365 degrees. Knowledge of the game at this age group is essential. We understand that not knowing an umpire call and getting caught off guard during a “self-start” can make a big difference in  a game. We stress that our athletes learn the rules and play with this mind set.  One of our philosophies at this age is that it’s not about the winning,it is about asking our athletes to perform their best and for everyone to play.

Element Athletics is proud to be a “whole player” club. We offer classroom sessions at our practices. Classroom topics cover: recruitment, college admissions and career counseling,  sports nutrition, umpiring, etc. Element is proud to develop not only our athletes hockey skills, but also their life skills. U16 is an age when both athletes and parents are starting to think about recruitment to college and what the next steps are. Lynn and Sarah are available to help guide both players and parents through this process.

U16’s are given more opportunities to travel on the Regional and National levels. Many of the events we attend are “Showcase Events” which allow our players to gain exposure to collegiate coaches.

The U16 fee $500/new player or $475/former player covers all practice sessions, a reversible jersey, as well as recruitment, college admissions counseling, sports nutrition guidance and all administrative and coaching fees.

Element Athletics offers players a choice regarding tournament play providing the opportunity to participate in a variety of tournament events both at the national show case and local/regional levels based on the player’s personal desires, schedule and budget.  Tournament fees vary depending upon tournament registration fees, location, travel involved, etc.  National event players will also be required to purchase a uniform.  Upcoming tournaments and fees are shown under the Tournaments tab.

**Tryout fees are $25 per player. All players wanting to join Element Athletics for the season are asked to tryout.  These are not practice sessions but an avenue for Lynn, Sarah and the coaches to evaluate new and former players alike.  This is also a method for athletes to “tryout” Element Athletics without having to pay the full season fee!

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