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While the U19 player is on the threshold of leaving the club system and heading out the door, Element Athletics stresses that we are not “finished” yet and our focus moves toward creating positive communicators and trusting teammates.  And for those wanting to go on and play at the collegiate level our wish is that each athlete develops an honest relationship with their future coach and that they choose a school for all of the “right” reasons. U19 athletes are evaluated and advised with their best interest at heart.

Skill perfection is strived for with basics accented. Element looks to have their athletes able to remain poised and to execute skills while under pressure, to remain true to their team goals and to work together. Quick decision making is a key element at this age group along with change of speed, on and off ball movement, pressing and out letting along with 3D skills. Development of specialty skills such as corner positions, strokes and overheads are integrated into the curriculum. Knowing that collegiate coaches are looking for athleticism, we ask our athletes to be in the best physical condition and to be a true athlete,participating and enjoying all sports with their high school sports teams throughout their seasons.

Classroom sessions are a part of every practice which we urge our athletes to attend. Sessions vary from week to week, with new information being offered at every session.

The U19 fee $500/new player or $475/former player covers all practice sessions, a reversible jersey, as well as recruitment, career, college admissions counseling, sports nutrition guidance and all administrative and coaching fees.

Element Athletics offers players a choice regarding tournament play providing the opportunity to participate in a variety of tournament events both at the national show case and local/regional levels based on the player’s personal desires, schedule and budget.  Tournament fees vary depending upon tournament registration fees, location, travel involved, etc.  National event players will also be required to purchase a uniform.  Upcoming tournaments and fees are shown under the Tournaments tab.

**Tryout fees are $25 per player. All players wanting to join Element Athletics for the season are asked to tryout.  These are not practice sessions but an avenue for Lynn, Sarah and the coaches to evaluate new and former players alike.  This is also a method for athletes to “tryout” Element Athletics without having to pay the full season fee!

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