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  • Indoor Travel Program
    Fee: $45.00
  • middleclass~spray
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    Registration and Payment
    Important: It appears that you are accessing this form from an unofficial third-party source. Submissions originating from such sources will not be accepted. Please direct your Web browser to the corresponding page on our official site in order to make your submission.
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    Player Information:
    Emergency Contact Information:
    Payment Information:


    I, the above named individual, being a least eighteen (18) years of age, or being the legal guardian of the above named individual who is under eighteen (18) years of age, inconsideration for the use of the facilities, services, equipment, programs, and or activities provided by Element Athletics, its owners, partners, successors, assigns, employees, and/or agents (hereinafter the Releasees), do hereby agree, acknowledge, promise, and covenant on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns, estate, personal representatives, or the like, as follows:

    POLICIES: I UNDERSTAND AND ACKNOWLEDGE that Element Athletics hereby reserves the right to dismiss or prohibit any participant from the premises for disciplinary reasons. Such reasons may include, but are not limited to: unsportsmanlike conduct; possession or consumption of drugs or alcohol on the premises; violence; posing a danger to others; any illegal activity; or violation of any rules whether stated or implied. Such dismissal or prohibition shall be at the sole discretion of the Releasees and failure to dismiss or prohibit and individual for any above reason in no way constitutes a waiver of such authority or discretion. Should a participant be dismissed or prohibited NO REFUND will be given.
    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISKS: I hereby understand and expressly acknowledge that participation in the events and activities and the use of the equipment and or facilities offered by the Releasees bear certain known and unknown risks which may result in INJURY, DEATH, ILLNESS OR DISEASE, PHYSICAL HARM, MENTAL HARM, OR OTHER DAMAGE to me, or the minor identified above, and/or my personal property. I DO HEREBY UNDERSTAND, ACKNOWLEDGE, AND ACCEPT that such risks may also result in claims against the Releasees and/or claims against me, or the minor identified above, by spectators or other third parties.

    I DO HEREBY VOLUNTARILY AGREE AND PROMISE TO ACCEPT AND ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITIES AND RISK FOR INJURY, DEATH, ILLNESS, DISEASE, PHYSICAL HARM, MENTAL HARM, OR OTHER DAMAGES to myself, the minor child identified above, and/or my personal property arising from, directly or indirectly, the use of the premises, facilities, equipment, activities, and/or services provided by the Releasees. I understand that the risks associated with sports include, but are not limited to, sprains, cuts, contusions, abrasions, concussions, broken bones, bone fractures, and in some extreme cases long term scaring and/or death and hereby state that the undersigned is participating at his or her own risk with full knowledge of the dangers and risks associated with such participation. I further acknowledge that Element Athletics strongly recommends the use of any and all NCAA approved protective equipment and that failure to use such equipment may increase the probability of the above mentioned risks.
    RELEASE: I, FOR MYSELF AND/OR THE MINOR IDENTIFIED ABOVE, DO HEREBY EXPRESSLY AND VOLUNTARILY AGREE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE THE RELEASEES AND RELEASE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the Releasees, their agents, employees, affiliates, sponsors, or partners, from any and all claims, liability, actions, demands, causes of action, or damages which are related to, arise from, or are in any way associated with my use of the facilities, premises, equipment, activities, and/or services provided by the Releasees, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY AND ALL NEGLIGENCE OR FAULT OF THE RELEASEES, THEIR EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, OR AFFILIATES.

    I FURTHER PROMISE AND AGREE ON BEHALF OF MYSELF AND THE MINOR CHILD IDENTIFIED ABOVE, TO INDEMNIFY THE RELEASEES AND HOLD THEM HARMLESS from all costs, including but not limited to, defense costs, attorney’s fees, medical bills, pain and suffering, damages, or the like, incurred in connection with claims for bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage brought by me, my estate, guardian, or other party on my behalf.

    I hereby state that I am in the best position to determine by physical abilities and limitations, or those of the undersigned minor identified above. I expressly acknowledge that I, or the undersigned minor, are in good physical and mental health and have no condition, disease, disability, or impediment which could impact my participation in the activity or which may increase the risk of harm or death to myself or others.
    LICENSE: I hereby grant Element Athletics an irrevocable, royalty free, worldwide license to use my name, image, or likeness for advertising purposes including, but not limited to, photographs, brochures, videos, electronic media, promotions, publications, or any other trade or advertising materials published in and medium.


    Element Athletics Player Registration Cancelation and Payment Policy
    1. Payments are due on or before applicable due dates (refer to pricing sheet for programspecific payment details).
    2. Late payments are subject to a $15 late fee.

    2019-2020 Element Athletics Program Specific Pricing
    1. Travel Indoor Team
    a. Tryout fee of $45 due before or day of tryout
    b. Season Fee $650
    I. $200 due Nov 16, 2019, plus $85 uniform fee (if player doesn’t have one)
    II. $200 due Dec 15, 2019
    III. $250 due Jan 15, 2020

    2. Turf Travel Team
    a. Season Fee TBD
    I. 50% of total fee due before or on day of first (1st) practice – early April 2020
    II. Remaining 50% due May 15, 2019

    Element Athletics Player Registration Cancelation and Payment Policy
    1. Payments are due on or before applicable due dates (refer to pricing sheet for programspecific payment details)
    2. Indoor Travel Program
    a. Cancelation notice (written) received prior to Dec 1, 2019 - amount due prior tocancelation notice being received is non-refundable and responsibility of theclient.
    b. Cancelations after December 1, 2019 – client is responsible for full season fee.
    c. All amounts due prior to cancelation notice being received are non-refundableand responsibility of the client.
    d. Any player not current with payments forfeits right to participate in practices.
    3. Turf Travel Program
    a. Cancelation notice (written) received prior April 15th - amount due prior tocancelation notice being received is non-refundable and responsibility of theclient.
    b. Cancelations after April 15th - client is responsible for full program fee. There areno refunds.
    4. Client Late payments (payments received after applicable due date) are subject to a $15late fee.
    5. Alternative payment arrangements are available by contacting and if authorized byElement Athletics.

    Element Athletics Player / Team Tournament Registration-Cancelation Policy
    1. Local Tournaments
    a. Full payment must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.
    Without full payment a player/team (client) is not considered registered.
    b. Full refund with 2 weeks’ (14 days) or more notice of cancelation prior event.
    Cancelations with less than 2 weeks’ notice, the client is still responsible for fullpayment.
    c. No refunds with less than 2 weeks’ notice of cancellation prior to event.

    As of August 1, 2019
    d. No refunds for no shows, forfeits, lack of players or any other reason with theexception of possibly weather (see below).
    e. If client no shows, forfeits, lacks sufficient number of players, or for any otherreason does not participate in the event, the client is still responsible forpayment.
    2. National / Regional Tournaments (e.g., RCC, Beach Bash, 4Goals, Shooting Stars)
    a. Player cancelations (written) received after initial payment due date and prior tofinal payment due date– initial amount is non refundable and responsibility ofplayer.
    b. Player cancelations after final payment due date – player is responsible for fullpayment amount.
    3. Player Late payments (payments received after applicable due date) are subject to a $15late fee.
    4. Team Late payments (payment received after applicable due date) are subject to a $50late fee.

    SafeSport Policy and Practice InformationSport should be a place where young people can develop, learn athletic and life skills, becreative, make mistakes and have fun – and do so in a safe place. As members of USA FieldHockey, Element Athletics and its coaches support and adhere to US Field Hockey SafeSportpolicies and practices. For more information please visit the US Field Hockey website.
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